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Who followed SINGER-2017 competition in China

We were all supporting Dimash and he obtained a precious 2nd place in that competition. The name of Yerlan Bekchurin, the famous arranger and the director of BATYSSOUND PRODUCTION, as well, could not go unnoticed by many as it was captioned in the show.

Yerlan Bekchurin was born 24 October 1988 in the town of Uralsk in West Kazakhstan. He graduated from Utemisov West Kazakhstan State University majoring in Vocals and Instrumental Arts of the faculty of Culture and Arts. He was inspired to dedicate himself to music after having received an autograph from Renat Gaisin, a famous composer and arranger in 2001.

Yerlan has professional affiliations with famous popular scene’s performers such as Alisher Karimov, Ali Okapov, Zhanar Dugalova, Zhugunusov brothers and etc.

Holder of many diplomas and certificates, one of which is the diploma for the best young man of art in West Kazakhstan which he was awarded in 2015.

However, he came to wide international fame in China, France, US and many other countries with the prominence of Dimash Kudaibergenov during his participation in SINGER-2017 competition. Yerlan Bekchurin made performance arrangements for songs that Dimash sang in that competition. They are: “The Show Must Go On’, “Adagio”, “Daididau”, “All by myself”, “Sunrise” (in Chinese), “Confessa + The Diva Dance”, “Umytylmas Kun (Unforgettable Day)”, “A Tribute to MJ”.

We would like to say our special thanks to Askhat Khasanov – the conductor of chamber and symphonic orchestra, the person who wrote whole music sheet performances for the orchestra.

Yerlan’s next step to success was arranging for the soundtrack of the Hollywood movie “POWER RANGERS”, which Dimash had magnificently performed for.

The artistic associations of these bright talents brought them the success and common fondness of the viewers Worldwide!

We have briefly talked about Yerlan’s background, having covered a minimal amount of his creative works. He is a very talented and open-hearted young man!

In conclusion, we would also like to wish happiness and the very best of luck to Yerlan and his family in all his future creative accomplishments.

This is an exclusive interview of Yerlan Bekchurin for DIMASH & DOSTAR Fan Group

D&D: When did you start getting interested in music?
Yerlan: Because my parents are the people of art, I can say my interest developed at a very early age.

D&D: What year did you write your first musical piece/musical arrangement?
Yerlan: I wrote my first musical arrangement at the age of 7, when I wanted to add the sounds of other instruments to a button accordion that my music teacher used to play.

D&D: What musical instrument would you associate yourself with and why?
Yerlan: I can’t really say I have one particular instrument in mind, as at times my profession needs me to become anything from a lyrical violin to an energetic guitar!

D&D: What do you consider your biggest creative achievement to date?
Yerlan: At the moment it is the endeavours of Dimash, as our culture and national instruments have become a hot topic of interest in many countries Worldwide.

D&D: How did you meet with Dimash? What was your first work in cooperation?
Yerlan: I know his parents very well and I’ve gotten know Dimash when he was a little boy. Our first work together was the song called “Korkemym” for “Saz Alemi” TV competition. However, our productive partnership properly started after their meeting of our mutual friend, Alpamys Sharimov, who isalso Dimash’s current manager.

D&D: Did you have any major changes in your life after the prominent success in SINGER-2017 competition in China?
Yerlan: It had indeed, as apart from people of the creative community now I am getting recognized on the streets. The most important thing that’s changed is the realization of the fact that we were moving in the right direction all this time.

D&D: What are your professional plans? What are you working on at the moment and are you planning on working with Dimash going forward?
Yerlan: I want to keep going in achieving high targets, only move forward and only create quality music. At the moment we are preparing a surprise for our listeners.

D&D: What characteristics do you value the most in people?
Yerlan: In people I value qualities such as mercy and hard work.

D&D: What is your overall attitude to art followers and follower groups? What would you wish us?
Yerlan: I positively regard them and I would like to wish you to not lose your enthusiasm, as your support inspires and gives us the power!

Thank you very much Yerlan for your attention and your sincere answers,

With kind regards,

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Interview With Dimash Kudaibergen – Talking Music, Kazakhstan And Jackie Chan

Interview With Dimash Kudaibergen – Talking Music, Kazakhstan And Jackie Chan

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