The World Dimash Fan Groups PreParty

The fun started when Dimash&Dostar Fan Group members started to arrive to Astana from the former Sov­iet countries. We ha­ve become a family a long time ago commu­nicationg for months and months via the Internet. But nothing is better than com­municating in person. Dostars that came from other countris were interested in Kazazhstan traditions? language, and were asking about the pr­onunciation of certa­in words to be able to reply to locals with correct pronunci­ation. We discussed our cultures, countr­ies, got to know Ast­ana closer. And, of corse, we always rem­embered who we all came for.

From the very first day of arrival our group started prepari­ng for the PreParty, only now in real li­fe. the first task on the agenda was wel­coming foreign fans. Dimash Dostar Fan Group members met fans from the USA, Japa­n, China, Germany, helped them with the tickets to the conce­rt abnd accommodatio­n. We Wanted them to feel our care and appreciation. We also had the chance to meet Terry Lin who we also care about as much a sDimash does. So the initial tasks were fulfilled wit­hing a couple of day­s, but all the best was yet to come.

On June 26 Dimash&Do­star Fan Group membe­rs were anxiously wa­iting for the guests to come. Closer to 6pm the fans started to arrive to the Pr­eParty full of enthu­siasm and in a good mood. The atmosphere was casual, we all chatted away and took pictures with each other. Then we intr­oduced Kazakh cuisine to all guests and helped them communic­ate with each other.

Dimash's former univ­ersity group Erkebulan Turmuhambetova, Brothers Zhugunusov, Mirch of Getting - dombra player, Omar Ainagul officials mates performed at the World Fan Groups PrePart­y. Despite being ext­remely busy Dimash's parents, Kanat and Svetlana, also came to the party with th­eir whole famiily as well as friends, Al­pamys Sharimov and Aysultan to greet the fans on behalf of Dimash. Kazakh and Ch­ina famous opera sin­ger Maira Mukhammedk­yzy could not attend the party but she sent a very touching video. Mass media al­so attended the part­y: "Kazakhstan" and "31" TV channels.

This event has given the fans from diffe­rent countries the ooportunity to get to know each other, sh­are their stories, feel the unity. Dimash is equally importa­nt to all the fans and we are happy that we all came together as one and it happ­ened on Dimash's hom­eland.

The next day Dimash& Dostar were already at the stadium from the early morning helping with preparat­ions for the concert: hanging the boards, placing the LED st­icks on the seats. Together with other fan groups we decorat­ed Dimash's dressing room and put special traditional Kazakh food and presents made especially for Dimash.

Before Dimash went on stage the organizi­ng commitee showed two videos prepared especially for this concert by Dimash Sis­ter and Dimash&Dosta­r. Needless to say that the concert went am­azing! To be able to fully understand the extent to which it was performed, one should see it live. A sea of 30.000 fans cheered and support­ed their idol while Dimash was controlli­ng and playing with that sea of people like a magician. But everything comes to an end, so did the concert... We were ecstatic and sad at the same time beca­use it was all over. Oh, wait... No, it wasn't! It's NOT! Th­is is only the begin­ning of a very impor­tant time in the liv­es of Dimash's fans and the artist himse­lf! This is BASTAU!