1. The fan group "DIMASH & DOSTAR" (hereinafter, “the fan group”) is a public non-profit, non-governmental organization, with free membership, founded by members on the basis of voluntary contributions. 

The fan group does not have a purpose of generating profit for its distribution between members of the fan group as their income. All gained income resulting from the fan group’s activity goes for realization of the authorized purposes. 


2.1. Promoting of works of the singer Dimash Kudaibergen (hereinafter, artist). 

2.2. The organization of artist’s admirers communication and exchange of information. 

2.3. The organization of votes in support of works of the artist in various charts and awards. 

2.4. Arranging the fan group members’ meetings, competitions, exhibitions, lotteries, auctions. 

2.5. The preparation and organization of joint campaigns in support of the artist’s performances. 

2.6. Organization of official meetings of the members of the fan group with the artist. 

2.7. Holding charity events and other actions on behalf of the artist. 

2.8. Attracting potential new members who also appreciate the talent of the artist to the fan group. 

2.9. Suppression of different opportunities of the actions discrediting honor and dignity of the artist, causing him moral and material damage. 

2.10. The fan group cooperates with other fan groups of the artist for the purposes of support and promotion of his works. 


3.1. To become the member of the fan group, the admirer has to be at least 18 years of age. 

3.2. For the introduction in the fan group, the admirer has to submit the application for the introduction, having filled in the questionnaire on the official site of the fan group. Sending the questionnaire, the admirer guarantees reliability of the presented personal information and readiness to observe the Charter of the Fan group. Information about an enlisting in the group is reported by the management of the fan group in personal correspondence on social network or by e-mail. The maximum term of consideration of the application is one week. Increase in term up to one month in case of a large number of applications is allowed. 

3.3. Subscribing of the admirer to the social networks of our fan group (on Facebook, Odnoklassniki, VK) or to the channel on YouTube, Instagram aren't equated to the membership, and the fan group grants the right for virtual communication with members only. 

3.4. The personal information obtained from the member of the fan group or from the admirer goes into the consideration by the fan group and can be used only for achievement of the objectives and tasks the fan group. The fan group guarantees confidentiality of all personal information. 

3.5. Loss of membership in the fan group can be performed as at the request of the member the fan group by filing of application on the e-mail address to the management the fan group or in personal correspondence with the management, and by an exception. 

The exception of members the fan group is made by the decision of directorate, in cases: 
- violations of these rules on the basis of the Charter the fan group; 
- actions contradicting the purposes and tasks the fan group; 
- evasion for a long time from participation in life the fan group without the objective reasons; 
- commission by the member the fan group of the actions which caused or really able to do material harm or harm of reputation the fan group; 
- intrusions into privacy of the artist and members of his crew, including creation or advertizing of pseudo-accounts of the artist. 

3.6. At an exit from the fan group (voluntary or at an exception of it) the voluntary contributions paid by the member of the fan group are not subject to return. 

3.7. Membership in the fan group defines two categories: individual and honorary. The individual membership is in turn subdivided on valid and active. 
The status of the valid member in the fan group is to be given after the questionnaire, confirmation by directorate the enlisting in the fan-group and payment of the admission fee. 

The status of the active member is awarded by directorate of the fan group for promoting of works of the artist, special merits in development the fan group. Activity is one of fundamental selection terms of members the fan group for meetings with the artist and similar events. Thus, the valid membership in the fan group does not guarantee a possibility of a personal meeting with the artist. 


4.1. Members of the fan group have equal rights and perform equal duties. 

4.2. Members of the fan group have the right to participate in all events held in the fan group for achievement of its purposes and tasks, to choose and be elected to govern the fan group and to leave freely from the fan group. 

4.3. Not to be present at all meetings of the fan group if the member lives out of the settlement in which the meeting is held. In that case all possible issues are resolved by means of holding online meetings on the Internet. 

4.4. To vote on the questions which are brought up by the management of the fan group for an open voting. 

4.5. To purchase in order of priority the attributes of the fan group. 

4.6 To report to the management of the fan group personally, i.e. without intermediaries what he/she does not like in work the fan group, to make the suggestions for improvement of work of the fan group. 

4.7. Members the fan group are obliged to observe this Rules, to carry out solutions of the management of the fan group, to participate in implementation of the purposes of the fan group. 

4.8. To be respectful to the artist and members of his crew. To observe subordination at a personal meeting and communication on the Internet. 

4.9. To be respectful of all members of the fan group, regardless of their experience, age, language skills, musical and other preferences. All members of the fan group are equal among themselves. 

4.10 . Not to use the official name of the fan group or the membership in the fan group for commercial purposes without preliminary approval of the management. 

4.11. To observe confidentiality: not to disclose information which is confidentially received from the fan group. 

4.12. Not to sell accreditations, symbols, photos, videos, etc. belonging to the fan group without the permission of management of the fan group. 

4.13. To timely report to the management of the fan group the changes of the personal contact information.

Interview With Dimash Kudaibergen – Talking Music, Kazakhstan And Jackie Chan

Interview With Dimash Kudaibergen – Talking Music, Kazakhstan And Jackie Chan

Candid Magazine’s Adam Zorgani caught up with Dimash Kudaibergen after his sold-out concert at the Indigo 02.

A multiple award-winning pop sensation and previous winner of The Voice China, Dimash has a record-breaking vocal range covering five octaves, four notes and one semitone. Able to sing in almost all known vocal registers, both male and female, from bass to soprano; he also sings in a rare whistle register.
After speaking to fans at the show, Candid’s Adam Zorgani met with Dimash to get some of the most burning questions answered.

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London Concert Songbook

While Dears of all countries gather in London, we want to share the good news. Now we will be able to sing along our favorite Kazakh songs of Dimash at the concert, armed with songbooks, published in a convenient pocket format.

Радио Виктория

В октябре Якутия подготовила для поклонников Димаша сюрприз! Со 2 октября 2018г., и КАЖДЫЙ день на протяжении целого месяца у всех была возможность послушать волшебный голос Димаша на радио Victoria FM!