Whom is this fan group dedicated to?

This fan-group is dedicated to the Kazakh singer Dimash Kudaibergen. Read more about him HERE

What does DIMASH & DOSTAR mean?

The name of the fan group was formed from two words: the name of Dimash and the the Kazakh word "Dostar" (friends)

What language can be used to communicate in this fan group?

Initially, there are members from different countries in this group that is why Russian was used as a main language. But you can choose any language which is more convenient for you. You will be understood. The articles are published in three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English.

How to become a member of this fan group?

According to the Rules of the fan group any fan of the Singer over 16 years of age can become a member, regardless of his citizenship, gender, nationality and language skills. Admission of the individual members is carried out on the basis of the filling out of the registration form. This questionnaire is posted on the official website of the fan group. Sending the questionnaire a person guarantees the authenticity of the submitted personal data and agrees to follow the Rules of the Fan group.
The period of consideration is 1 week. The period can be extended to 1 month in case of a big amount of applications. Administration of the Fan group will announce you about the enrollment in personal correspondence by e-mail or social media.
Entry to he Fan group on social media is not equated to being a member and it gives only the right to virtual communication with the members of the Fan group.

Does Dimash have social media profiles?

Yes. He does. His official profile on Instagram is @kudaibergenov.dimash

When will Dimash come to my city with a concert?

All the information we know about his concerts you can find HERE

How many songs does Dimash have?

You can listen to the officially released songs of him HERE

How old is Dimash / what is his height / what is his Sign of the Zodiac?

Dimash was born on May 24, 1994. Now he is 23 years old.
According to Dimash, at the moment his height is 191 cm.
His Zodiac Sign is Gemini.

What is the surname of Dimash: Kudaibergen or Kudaibergenov?


Why are the surnames of Dimash and his parents are different?

According to the Kazakh traditions, the first-born child is considered as the son of the parents of their parents (grandparents). The name of grandfather is Kudaibergen. Dimash carries the surname by the name of grandfather.

Why does Dimash call his grandmother a mom?

Up to 10 years Dimash was brought up by his grandparents. So he calls them mom and dad.

How can I participate in the action/ meeting at the airport and give present to Dimash?

If you don't want to become a member of fan group but you want to participate in our events follow the news of the site or social media. When we need additional participants we will announce. If you wish to send your gift to Dimash through DIMASH & DOSTAR contact the administration. We do not guarantee the fulfillment of your requests!

How to participate in fan meetings with Dimash?

How to participate in fan meetings with Dimash?
It depends on the format of the meeting. If the meeting is open you can buy a ticket for it, if private  - then only by invitations. Invitations are available only for special, guests and members of the fan group. Upcoming meetings will be announced in advance.

What language can I use to write?

You can use any language in the comment section in social media. But all the posts from which the content was taken have to be written in three main languages (Kazakh, Russian, English).

Why my messages or comments were deleted in social media?

If your message is not concerned on the the topic of the fan group, it is offensive and consists a link to the articles with unreliable information, spam, or the most important , if it violates the rules of the fan group (link to the rules) - it will be deleted.