Dimash Kudaibergen

Dimash Kudaibergen (Dinmuhammed Kudaibergen) was born in Aktobe, Kazakhstan on May 24, 1994. His parents, Svetlana and Kanat Kudaibergenovich Aitbaev, are eminent culture figures in Kazakhstan. It’s not surprising that with such parents he started to study music at an early age. His first appearance on stage was at the age of two, is a small episodic role in one of the local theater productions.

At the age of five, Dimash was already attending a music school for kids, taking vocal and piano lessons.

At the age of six the gifted boy became a winner of the national competition called "Ainalayin" for his excellent piano performance. And four years later, at the age of ten, he was already conducting a variety of regional events he was already participating in a variety of regional events.

His first award as a singer Dimash received in 2010 at the "Clear Voices of Baikonur" international music festival. In 2012 Dimash became the grand prix winner of "Zhas Kanat", a national competition of young singers. In the same year he was awarded with the 1st prize of the International Telecom Contest of Performers “Oriental Bazaar, and a year later he won at the "Meikin Asia" International Festival.

In 2014 Dimash graduated from Zhubanov Music College in his native city, Aktobe and it came as no surprise that the he decided to continue his education in music, so he successfully entered a Kazakh National University of Arts with a specialty in "Art of Variety".

The International Festival of Arts "Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk" held in Belarus was one of the major turning points in Dimash’s career. His singing in this competition was so good that he had instantly turned from a gifted Kazakhstan boy to a singer who is known and loved throughout all post-Soviet countries.

In the 1st round of the competition Dimash performed Kazakh song "Daididu" and immediately became one of the favorites to win the contest. In the 2nd round he had beautifully performed a famous Russian song " Blizzard, again", written by Konstantin Meladze. And for the third round Dimash sang "SOS d'un terrien en détresse" a piece from a famous rock opera "Starmania", this song was performed by such famous French singers as Daniel Balavoine and Gregory Lemarchal. As a result he scored 175 points out of 180 and became the grand prix winner. That same year Dimash had the honor to represent his country in "ABU TV song" international TV festival held in Istanbul. In 2016 Dimash received a state scholarship from the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev as a ‘Leader of the Nation in the cultural sphere in 2016’.

In the beginning of 2017 Dimash Kudaibergen took part in the fifth season of the "Singer" TV show (formerly "I Am a Singer") in Changsha, China. "Singer" is a popular singing competition program that is broadcast since 2013. "Singer" is a Chinese version of the famous Korean reality show, it consists of 14 rounds. Contestants are seven popular and prominent singers from various genres who have received a worldwide recognition. Each week the contestant with the lowest total of votes is eliminated, as new contestant replaces him/her. After the performance, votes from the 500-member studio audience determine the singers' rankings. The ratings of this show in China are among the highest, it is also broadcast in Canada, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, as well as in Europe.

The fifth season of the "Singer" was broadcast by the most-watched Chinese channel - Hunan TV.

This show included participants from China, South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan and Kazakhstan. Dimash was the youngest contestant in the history of the show. In the first round Dimash shocked the audience with his performance of "SOS d'un terrien en détresse " (originally sang by French singer Daniel Balavoine) and became famous in China literally overnight.

Daniel Balavoine’s sister duly appreciated the performance of Dimash Kudaibergen. Claire Balavoine shared her impressions with C8 TV channel:

"Oh my God! He has a natural gift, same as Daniel. Daniel sang the same way, with his whole body. Of course, he is a different singer, and it’s a different story, but this is a very strong performance. He has the same musicality; he fills the words with his meaning and puts his heart and soul into performance. He is very young, but this is a performance of a very mature man. He has an incredible talent. It's so good to see how this young man sings in French, "she said.

During the contest Dimash sang several songs in Mandarin language and had completely charmed both Chinese critics and viewers.

In one of the rounds Dimash performed a Kazakh song "Daididuu", and played kyi Kurmangazy "Aday" as an intro. It was a great joy for Dimash as one of his dreams had come true - to introduce Kazakh art to the world.

In the 6th round of the competition Dimash made the audience cry after his brilliant performance of the legendary Lara Fabian song "Adagio". Lara Fabian congratulated Dimash on her Facebook page on a successful performance: “Adagio” travels across continents. Congratulations to Dimash Kudaibergen performing at the Chinese TV competition “I am a singer,” she wrote.

In the final round of the competition Dimash sang a duet with the famous Chinese singer Laure Shang (Shang Wenjie).

During the 13 rounds the Kazakhstani‘s ranking were different, but in the average ranking he was always in the top three.

Dimash won an army of admirers during the "Singer" contest. The song "Unforgettable Day", which Dimash performed in both Kazakh and Mandarin languages, got to the top of the Chinese music charts. By the way, the music was composed by Dimash Kudaibergen himself.

After the “Singer” Dimash won China Top Music Award for the "Best Asia Popular Singer" at the, this award is also called the Chinese Grammy. It is considered to be the most outstanding event in the Chinese music industry. The theme song to the Chinese movie "The Battle of Memories" performed by Dimash Kudaibergen became number one in the top iTunes QQ in China on the first day after release. During the first five hours, this song, recorded by Dimash in Mandarin language, was bought and loaded by 15.5 thousand people.

Dimash also recorded a song for the Hollywood movie "Mighty Rangers". This was his first major work with a well-known distributor of Lionsgate Films.

Despite the fact that Dimash won the second place in the "Singer", his name is now recodnized all over the world. Even the famous actor Jackie Chan is now in a number of his admirers. Lara Fabian recognized him as a highly professional singer as well as many foreign sound producers. He has over a million Instagram followers. All of Dimash's performances in China have a huge number of Youtube views. Dimash sings songs not only in his native Kazakh language, but also in Russian, Italian, English, Mandarin and French.

And this is not the bottom of his achievements list!

Dimash had a very warm welcome back home after the “Singer” contest. On April 25 a concert in his honor was held in Astana, where his mentors, friends, and his parents took part. But Dimash became a "world citizen" and could not stay in Kazakhstan for a long time. On May 6 Dimash performed in “Les Annees Bonheur”, a popular French show on France 2 TV channel. He also sang at The Global Gifts Gala charity dinner, when the Kazakhstan pavilion was opened in Cannes.

His 23rd birthday Dimash celebrated in China. There he continued to receive various awards: on May 26 he was called the "Most popular singer of the year" by the "OK!" magazine; on June 13 he received two MTV Global Chinese Music Awards as the "Best foreign singer" and the"Most popular newcomer". After that Dimash recorded a new song "Ocean over the Time" as a soundtrack for the Chinese online game "Moonlight Blade".

But probably the most important event for Dimash was his solo concert in "Astana Arena" stadium, Kazakhstan. About 30 thousand fans from all over the world (China, Japan, USA, Finland, CIS countries) attended this huge event. 

The "Slavic Bazaar" did not forget about Dimash as well, he was invited to take part in the closing ceremony as a guest of honor on July 17. Dimash did a breathtaking performance of "Adagio" that evening. And right after that more awards ceremonies were waiting for Dimash: on July 19 – he was awarded at the Asian Music GaLa as "The most popular foreign singer ", on July 20 – he received another award from MTV Music Awards.

Of course, this is just the beginning for Dimash…