Tia Ray

Tia Ray is a very bright and sensual singer. She is probably the youngest and least experienced of all the participants of the contest. This girl is from a little town and came with ambitions to Beijing in search of quality education. In 2007 she set up her first band called «Soulside» (2007), then another one «Da Knutz»(2010). She was getting more experienced taking part in numerous jazz and musical festivals in China. Her first major breakout happened on the "Voice of China" after she sang  “The Curvy Moon”. 

People call her the R&B POP princess. In herself Tia combines both an urge for something new and respecting the traditions. She always thrives to be as innovative as possible and at the same time admires and looks up to everything her older more experienced colleagues have achieved. And it doesn't matter for this young singer how many people there are watching her sing, she always performs on the top of her efforts.

Tia is one of the first participants on the "I am a Singer "show that Dimash got acquainted with. From the very first moments of meeting each other, Tia greeted him with sweets and snacks as if they had known each other for years and the language barrier wasn't a problem. They were joking and complimenting each other. Dimash treated her as his older sister. 

We would like to wish Tia, this lively and talented performer, to stay as enthusiastic as she always is and never stop achieving your goals. Keep it up!