The Ocean of Time

The soundtrack "The Ocean of Time" for the Chinese online-game "Moonlight Blade" by Dimash Kudaibergen (english subtitles)

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Концерт "BASTAU"

Тот, кто был на этом концерте, никогда не забудет этот вечер. Это было феерическое выступление Димаша!!! 

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The World Dimash Fan Groups PreParty

The fun started when Dimash&Dostar Fan Group members started to arrive to Astana from the former Sov­iet countries. We ha­ve become a family a long time ago commu­nicationg for months and months via the Internet.

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Action for children

Today is the international Children's Day. Our fan group has presented tickets for Dimash's concert #Bastau Live to fifteen teenagers from needy and large families. Congratulations to children - our younger generation!

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Dimash's «Surprise Night» Birthday Party in Beijing

Dimash's «Surprise Night» Birthday Party Concert was held in Beijing on May 24, 2017 which was dedicated to Dimash Kudaibergen's 23rd birthday. The representatives of the "Dimash&Dostar» Fan Group from Kazakhstan Aisen Sutakov and Oyuna Dorzhieva went to the party  with a present for Dimash, a beautiful bouquet of red roses and a big 2017/2018 calendar with Dimash's pictures and the fan group member's birthday wishes, invited by Dimash's personal manager and a friend Alpamys Sharimov.

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Interview of Marat Aitimov

Marat Olzhabayevich Aitimov is a well-known Kazakh composer and singer. Teacher of the Regional Philharmonic named after G. Zhubanova and the College of Music named after A. Zhubanov.

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Interview With Dimash Kudaibergen – Talking Music, Kazakhstan And Jackie Chan

Interview With Dimash Kudaibergen – Talking Music, Kazakhstan And Jackie Chan

Candid Magazine’s Adam Zorgani caught up with Dimash Kudaibergen after his sold-out concert at the Indigo 02.

A multiple award-winning pop sensation and previous winner of The Voice China, Dimash has a record-breaking vocal range covering five octaves, four notes and one semitone. Able to sing in almost all known vocal registers, both male and female, from bass to soprano; he also sings in a rare whistle register.
After speaking to fans at the show, Candid’s Adam Zorgani met with Dimash to get some of the most burning questions answered.

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London Concert Songbook

While Dears of all countries gather in London, we want to share the good news. Now we will be able to sing along our favorite Kazakh songs of Dimash at the concert, armed with songbooks, published in a convenient pocket format.

Радио Виктория

В октябре Якутия подготовила для поклонников Димаша сюрприз! Со 2 октября 2018г., и КАЖДЫЙ день на протяжении целого месяца у всех была возможность послушать волшебный голос Димаша на радио Victoria FM!