Meeting with Yerlan Bekchurin


Dear Friends!

We’d love to share the story of our yesterday’s meeting with talented arranger Yerlan Bekchurin. Madina and I met with Yerlan yesterday in Starbucks at Khan Shatyr to give him flowers and express our gratitude for his contribution in Dimash Kudaibergen's performances as a part of “Singer 2017” competition. Everyone who followed Dimash’s performances could appreciate a work  by a virtuoso arranger of his songs. We are really proud to have such young talented minds in our country.

Our first impressions of Yerlan were the following: “He is humble and intelligent” and “What a beautiful and good young man he is”! We highly value people who helped Dimash become the phenomenon that he is. Our Dimash is very talented, humble young man surrounded by such talented and noble people. We say “Rakhmet” (Thank you) to our dear Yerlan Bekchurin!

Dana Akhmetova