The Lion

Those who were following the show "I am a Singer" remember the warmth of the atmosphere and relationship between the "rivalries". Dimash has developed true friendship with some of the contestants. One of those people were the members of the band called "The Lion".

During the contest they proved to have strong but at the same time lyrical performances and amazing skills playing musical instruments. From the very first episode they watched Dimash with genuine admiration and "envy". Later on they became brothers to Dimash and were truly worried for him when Dimash performed in Episode 8 with a sore throat and tonsillitis and openly cheered n supported him in the finale.

"The Lion" is a rock band from Taiwan. They were founded by a composer Jam Hsiao. He came up with the idea to create a band back in 2015 whilst working on his yet another solo album. Jam realised that the songs would sound better when performed by a rock band. So he got Wu Li-yun (吳力勻) - guitar, arranging, bass guitar, keyboards, backing vocals, Tsou Chiang (鄒強) - guitar, bass guitar, backing vocals, A-ju (阿矩), George Liu Chao-chu (劉兆矩) - drums, percussion, backing vocals and created "The Lion". The band officially debuted on September 12, 2016, and released their first album on September 16. That is how the classical four member band was created.

We wish this band to stay as united and talented as they are now!