Li Jiang

This strict and seldom smiling person always spoke of professionalism of Dimash warmly and with admiration. "Such a young man and already sings with orchestra. Such a high level of professionalism! He is such a young guy but he has so much experience as though he has already lived his whole life." In the eighth tour, such a difficult one for Dimash, not only did he tell him the words of support, but also brought him medicine before his performance. 

Li Jiang has got an excellent all-round education. Since his childhood he studied traditional Chinese opera and musical drama, and also he went in for ushu. He easily learnt to play the guitar and to write songs in his school days. His victory in a creative competition in Qinghua University has allowed him to earn additional 50 points to results of unified state exam to get into a higher education institution and he was enlisted in electric and mechanical faculty. Upon finishing his studies at the University he got a prestigious job, but he understood soon that he wanted to devote himself only to music. Li Jiang started his career in a duet "Shui Mu Niang Hua". Since 2002 he began his solo project. 

Li Jiang likes travelling much and gets his inspiration from the nature and adventures. He visited Irkutsk in 2011 then he wrote a song called "On the Coast of Lake Baikal". In March 2012 the singer was called the ambassador of the Year of the Russian tourism in China. The actor appreciates sincerity in art most of all. 

We wish him further creative achievements and inspiration!