Laure Shang 

Dimash sang a duet with a mysterious and talented actress Laure Shang in the final. As of today she is, perhaps, the most popular Chinese singer abroad. Laure studied at prestigious Fudan University in the specialty of French. She participated in the third season of the Super Girl project in May 2006 and 5,196,975 people voted for her in the final, the greatest number of votes in the history of the competition. 

Laure believes that people began to get interested in China culture more due to the economic growth, but the understanding of the Chinese music is still very limited. She encourages Chinese media to show more support to creative people of the country. She generally prefers wearing clothes from young Chinese designers on the shows. "Who will believe in us if we aren't self confident?" 

Laure and Dimash have much in common: they both seek to show to the world the best in culture of their homelands; they both are Michael Jackson's admirers. Their duet has turned out to be very well-structured and thought over. Laure and Dimash could have created a story in their potpourri of Michael's songs showing that while people spend their lives on entertainment and petty intrigues, something important passes away irrevocably. 

This creative tandem is supported with the friendly relations between the performers. Who knows maybe we will see Dimash and Laure on one stage in the future?