Dimash's «Surprise Night» Birthday Party in Beijing

Dimash's «Surprise Night» Birthday Party Concert was held in Beijing on May 24, 2017 which was dedicated to Dimash Kudaibergen's 23rd birthday. The representatives of the "Dimash&Dostar» Fan Group from Kazakhstan Aisen Sutakov and Oyuna Dorzhieva went to the party  with a present for Dimash, a beautiful bouquet of red roses and a big 2017/2018 calendar with Dimash's pictures and the fan group member's birthday wishes, invited by Dimash's personal manager and a friend Alpamys Sharimov.

The concert was held in the exhibition centre of Beijing in a historical place. The show started at 8pm and ended at 10pm Beijing time.

The event started with Dimash's performance of «All By Myself» accompanied by the audience's applause. Then the host of the evening briefly told Dimash's story with a slide show of pictures from the singer's childhood to his university days. Then several tables with various sweet snacks were taken out to the stage. Dimash tried some of them and shared his impressions on the their taste with the audience.

All evening the host was entertaining the audience playing games and holding contests on stage. The event itself resembled a talk show rather than a concert and the plot of the show had a stage-by-stage game format. The contests were quite amusing, for instance, on one occasion Dimash was competing with a fan by picking tennis balls using chop sticks, whoever gets the most balls into a bag wins. Besides that the organizers made Dimash play a popular game called "Crocodile" where Dimash had to show the audience words shown to him on the screen using his body and gestures. The games were all held in two languages: Chinese and Kazakh. It was really amusing to see playful Dimash!

The show continued with a demonstration of video birthday wishes from the singer's friends and close family as well as the "I am a Singer 2017 " TV show participants and also his fans from all over the world. There was a very touching moment. Closer to the end of the show a huge birthday cake was taken out to stage with a present from his "daddy" Terry - his stage costume.
Then Dimash's partners in China were called out on stage. They congratulated Dimash on his birthday and expressed their admiration of him and his talent. They did not come to the party with empty hands: the production centre presented Dimash with a recording studio with the best equipment. Dimash could't hide his astonishment with the gift and thank them sincerely.  

Throughout the evening Dimash performed four songs: «All By Myself», «Көркемім» (Kyorkemim), «Battle of memories» OST and «Ұмытылмас күн» (Unforgettable day).

We wanted to point out the way everything was organised by Chinese event planners: despite a huge number of people that attended the event, the organizing committee managed to have everything under control. In addition to that every guest left with little presents from the show. Every seat had a bag with leaflets and LED accessories. The whole venue was booked, every seat was taken, the audience cheered throughout the concert, interacting with each other, supporting their idol with chants and applause. By all means the organizers managed to create a warm, happy, birthday atmosphere. Needless to say Dimash was amazing as usual, both at presenting himself on stage and successfully coping with all of the challenging games!

At the end of the show the audience rushed to the stage to meet their idol even though Dimash had left the stage immediately after the show. The fans stayed outside for half an hour chanting Dimash's name and singing his songs.

Having had this opportunity, we would like to wish Dimash a very happy birthday from the bottom of our hearts! We wish him and his family to stay well and healthy, to keep being inspired and keep creating! We are sending him love, positive vibes, strength, kindness, and peace! Happy birthday! Кутты болсын бугiн, сенiн туылган кунiн! 

Yours sincerely,

Aisen and Oyuna
"Dimash&Dostar" Fan Group