Devoted to the “Dimash Sister”


From the very first performance of Dimash at the competition “I am a Singer-2017”, the number of admirers of his talent promptly grew. Various fan-groups with Dimash’s admirers were created. We will tell about the very first of Chinese fan-groups - “Dimash Sister”.

Dimash Sister

Admirers from “Dimash Sister” differ in their originality and an invention in the choice of the gifts for Dimash; they aren’t limited simply to a bouquet or a souvenir. We were surprised and admired to boundless opportunities of “Dimash Sister”. For instance, the suit which has been put on Dimash at the first episode of the competition had been given by him on an auction; all money had to go for a charity in environment protection. At an auction lot, a suit of Dimash Kudaibergen grew in the price, many admirers of Dimash wanted to buy it as a souvenir or memory, but “Dimash Sister” despite such a high price, could redeem this lot. Later they have presented this suit to Dimash so that he had memory of a victorious debut. Dimash has told once that he will never sell at any price the concert suits in which he won at competitions. Probably therefore admirers from “Dimash Sister” have gone to such act.

Thousands of kilometers, several changes by plane haven't stopped fans of “Dimash Sister” to arrive from China to Kazakhstan only to buy products habitual for Dimash. “Dimash Sister” wanted that Dimash felt at home in China.

These are the only two examples which we know from the Internet, probably there are many surprising gifts to Dimash from “Dimash Sister”, but their modesty doesn't allow them to publish it and it causes respect too.

Dear Sister!!! Our respect and delight to you know no limit. Thank you for your love to our Dimash Kudaibergen!

“Dimash & Dostar” Fan Group