«Dimash Dostar» Fan Group members at «Slavyanskiy Bazar - 2017»


Here are the impressions of the event sent to us by Oksana from Minsk.

Today after meeting Dimash I have come to a very important conclusion...
But first I have got to mention that fate has united me with wonderful people.
I met Madina, Saule and Venera from «Dimash Dostar». They became really close to me in a very short time.

I also met Dimash's father Kanat, Alpamys and DIMASH himself!!! They are all open-hearted, understanding and accepting of us, the fans.

Dimash is like a magnet! He attracts people with his amusing fluids, his energy! He astounds with his fragile look and his inner spirit and stamina!!!

You just want to listen to him over and over again!!! And not only to his brilliant singing but just to his voice when talking to him.

Undoubtedly, my main aim was to hear him sing live. He sang «Adagio» at this year's «Slavyanskiy Bazar». It was a very strong, ecstatic and touching performance all at the same time.

We, «Dimash Dostar», supported him with all our hearts. But you know what amazed me the most? I could feel he knew it, and responded to us.

What can I say? If happiness was not today, then I don't know what happiness is...