Devoted to the Chinese Dears


The Gala-concert of “I am a Singer-2017” competition has come to end.

Someone has exhaled a sigh of relief that experiences have ended, someone became sad because there will be no more Saturdays spent awaiting for Dimash's new performance. Anyway, this time of competition “I am a Singer-2017” taking place, will become a part of our life...


We want to express the admiration and respect to the Chinese fans - Dears.

After Dimash debuted with the song "SOS d'un terrien en detresse" at the competition “I am a Singer-2017”, the number of fans and admirers of talent of Dimash grew every day. As mushrooms after a rain follower groups were created in China, Kazakhstan, France and other countries.

The love of the Chinese Dears to creativity of Dimash surprised us. Us, being away thousands of kilometers, waited in social networks for them to post photos or short videos with Dimash. Dears presented Dimash with uncountable gifts, sometimes so original that we only admired. Dimash's portrait made in the diamond equipment is one of the last ones. Not to consider portraits of Dimash and the people close to him written by creative admirers.

The involvement of Dears knows no limit. They made lunchboxes for all his team during his rehearsals, how much beautiful and touching it has been done.

How much they cared when they bought medical plasters for the grandmother of Dimash, having heard that, she has sore legs.

Dears did charity work on behalf of Dimash. With what kindness they have collected notebooks, handles, books for orphanage.

Every day Dimash bathed in attention of Dears, whether it would be a souvenir, a toy or a bouquet of flowers. Dimash answered them with the attention and always thanked, calling them – “Dears”.

The Chinese Dears learned Kazakh which Dimash speaks to better to understand him, to speak with him in his native language. They have studied songs "Daididau", "Umytylmas Kun (Unforgettable Day)" and the chorus sang to Dimash or sing along with him at concerts. But we also, in turn, learned Chinese thanks to the Dears. Words: 你好 , 我愛你 , 謝謝你 are on our lips.

Dears, we say to you 謝謝, that you were and are always near Dimash and that you supported him during “I am a Singer-2017”. Thank you for accompanying Dimash during all flights to other cities of China and participating in charity events on behalf of Dimash. Mentally and in our hearts, Dimash & Dostar are always with you, Dears!

P.S. Dears pose a perfect example of how to be an admirer of an idol.

Dimash & Dostar Fan Group