Impressions of the concert of Dimash in Central Concert Hall of Astana on April 25

4/26/2017 We share our impressions of the concert of Dimash in Central Concert Hall of Astana on April 25 at the request of our subscribers. 

What emotions we looked forward for Dimash’s return home with... As in a big family when wait for the guest of honor, there was a rush... 

Concert in Astana after “I am a Singer” competition. 
We looked forward to the beginning of the concert of Dimash. The few from Dimash&Dostar could break through to the concert hall. Many compatriots couldn't get on a concert as the three-thousandth hall couldn't accommodate all interested persons. 

The meeting in the foyer of the concert hall by students of Kazakh National University of Arts (hereinafter- Kaz NUA) was touching. They have organized the flashmob, having laid out a name Dimash, and afterwards – a heart. The flashmob message – "Dimash! We love you!!!" 

Audience met our hero by a storm of applause: Dimash has flown up on the stage. He thanked the Kazakh people for support and love from the first. He thanked his friend Alpamys for being permanent with him nearby and that he is also his manager. 

The Minister of Culture presented and dressed chapan to the Grandfather of Dimash, a camisole to the Grandmother as to honorable and dear visitors. The rector of Kaz NUA also presented to Dimash a valuable present. 

Dimash began the concert with a song “Kazakhstan”, and we have heard his bewitching voice. His ease in the movements, a ringing voice, a smile, - everything said to us about how Dimash is happy that it is home and can sing for his compatriots. 

There was no limit to admiration and joy! Listening attentively to music and the voice of Dimash, it seemed to us that he sings somehow specially, like for relatives and people native to him. 

Dimash sang the second song together with parents. How he missed the family and how he loves them, - he gave all these feelings performing this song, kneeling and giving a hand towards his Grandmother, with love and warmth devoting words from a song to her. 

And, of course, the song "Daididau" - the well-known song for the whole world - sounded in native walls, and the audience sang along with Dimash with a great pleasure. 

It is impossible to express in words our feelings after the concert! It was like if Dimash slightly opened to us a door to the Magic country from which we didn’t want to return - it was the MAGIC COUNTRY of DIMASH KUDAIBERGEN!!!

Dimash & Dostar.