• Laure Shang 

    Laure Shang 
    Dimash sang a duet with a mysterious and talented actress Laure Shang in the final. As of today she is, perhaps, the most popular Chinese singer abroad. Laure studied at prestigious Fudan University in the specialty of French. She participated in the third season of the Super Girl project in May 2006 and 5,196,975 people voted for her in the
  • Li Jiang

    Li Jiang
    This strict and seldom smiling person always spoke of professionalism of Dimash warmly and with admiration. "Such a young man and already sings with orchestra. Such a high level of professionalism! He is such a young guy but he has so much experience as though he has already lived his whole life." In the eighth tour, such a difficult one
  • Tia Ray

    Tia Ray
    Tia Ray is a very bright and sensual singer. She is probably the youngest and least experienced of all the participants of the contest. This girl is from a little town and came with ambitions to Beijing in search of quality education. In 2007 she set up her first band called «Soulside» (2007), then another one «Da Knutz»(2010). She was
  • Terry Lin

    Terry Lin
    "I am a Singer" is as important of a period in life of Dimash and his fans as it is full of so much that was happening during the show that it is impossible to forget and you just keep going back to it again and again. Terry Lin made Dimash blush from the very first time that they met
  • The Lion

    The Lion
    Those who were following the show "I am a Singer" remember the warmth of the atmosphere and relationship between the "rivalries". Dimash has developed true friendship with some of the contestants. One of those people were the members of the band called "The Lion". During the contest they proved to have strong but at the same time lyrical performances and
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