DIMASH KUDAIBERGENOV, a Singer: I want to show that true art is still present on stage nowadays 

This week, the singer held the first solo concert in Europe. In the exclusive interview with TASS, he talked about what brought him to London, how not to lose his head from success, why he didn’t like the film Bohemian Rhapsody, about collaboration with Russian composer Igor Krutoy and sharing his creative plans.

- You are the first time in London, holding your first solo concert in the UK, and indeed in Europe. What brought you to the UK?
- I always wanted to hold my solo concert here, and thanks to the support of the audience it came true. So my answer will be this: my audience took me to London.

- Worried before the performance? What were your expectations and were they fulfilled?
- I was worried, but not to hysteria. In general, those artists who say that they are not worried before going on stage lie. All artists are worried, each and every one of them. And I am among them. The concert itself was at the good level, however, considering that I am a perfectionist, I think that in the performance level it would be possible to perform even better. At the same time, a cozy, kind and warm atmosphere was in the hall. So it can be said that I coped well with my task.

- Does Moscow or some Russian regions appear in the schedule of your solo concerts?
- We are planning a big solo concert in Moscow. For the time being, I will keep it’s date in a secret, but it will be a grand concert, a good show, as always, live sound accompanied by live music. I know for sure that Igor Krutoy will take part in the concert.

- Will it be next year?
- Yes.

- You performed the song of Igor Krutoy at a concert in London. Are there any other Russian or Soviet composers in your song repertoire?
- It seems to me that this is my first author's song, which was presented to me by a Russian composer, and I believe that “The love of tired swans” really deserves to being talked about as a work of art. This is very important at the present time, because the show industry is now more “hyping” rather than is engaged in art. And in this difficult period, I want to show that there is still art on the stage.

- What do you intend to do to realize this idea?
- To work with such great composers as Igor Yakovlevich. From a professional point of view, I can actually say that he is a composer of world importance. This is confirmed with the fact that his song was sung by Andrea Bocelli, his songs were performed by Alla Pugacheva, and Lara Fabian collaborated with him.

- Are you ready to cooperate with someone else from Russia?
- There are many talented composers in Russia. But the songs of Igor Yakovlevich fit my voice very well, and he writes in the direction in which I would like to develop myself, neoclassic, or, if you call it differently, a crossover. That is why we quickly found a common language with him. Now there are very rare artists among the young performers who would like to sing neoclassic. Earlier this was done by Andrea Bocelli. Considering the fact that there are few pop-classical artists now, I want to occupy this niche.

- How many languages ​​do you sing? I heard about nine.
- I do not know. But if I like the song, I try to learn it, even if it is in African language.

- And which one is the easiest to sing?
- In Kazakh, this is my native language. Songs in Kazakh are much easier to me, because I grew up in accordance with all Kazakh traditions and customs. I understand the soul of the Kazakh songs.

- And if we are not talking about Kazakh, but about a foreign language, then which one is easiest?
- It seems to me that it is English. I'm a big fan of Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury. I grew up with their songs. Then there are music pieces in Italian, because to this day I am a big fan of Italian tenors Luciano Pavarotti and Enrico Caruso. And besides, I love Russian folk songs too. When I was in college (Aktyubinsk College named after Ahmet Zhubanov - TASS note), together with my mentor and leader, honored worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan Marat Aitimov we picked up a song written by Rimsky-Korsakov, I sang aria of Lensky, an excerpt from Musse by Sergey Rakhmaninov from the repertoire of Dmitry Hvorostovsky. By the way, I am his very big fan. And Anna Netrebko too.

- At the concert you performed the song of “Queen” – “The Show Must Go On”. Did you do it because of the love for the creativity of Mercury, or was it done because the concert was held in England?
- I sang this song two years ago, participating in the third round of a television project in China. I loved it since my childhood, and I started listening to rock music from this song. I made it my own way, changed a little, because I am not a rock singer, I must have my own zest.

- You mentioned “Queen”, Jackson. And who in general from world rock performers you would highlight?
- Honestly, I don’t like rock music so much, because it is too noisy music for me. But I fell in love with “Queen” because they were the pioneers of a new direction - classical rock music. If you listen to "Bohemian Rhapsody", then you can see this.

- Have you already watched the film “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Brian Singer?
- Yes, I watched it.

- Your impressions?
- It leaves much to be desired. I think they could not 100% convey the greatness of Freddie Mercury. I understand perfectly well that this is a feature film, not an autobiographical film. But I would like to see how they met with Michael Jackson, how they recorded the duet. And these precisely most important moments, in my opinion, were missed. As a result, many things remained unexplained and undiscovered.

- At the concert, I was struck by the number of your fans - they represented 46 countries. In total, you have 114 fan clubs around the world, more than 10 million fans. Aren’t you dizzy on how quickly you have achieved such great popularity?
- The same question was once asked to Iosiph Kobzon. He was asked: is it hard to be a star? And he answered that it was very hard for those who would consider themselves a star. You should treat your craft as professionally as possible, understanding that you are an artist on stage, and you are an ordinary person in life, and you also eat, drink, sleep and wake up, communicate with people. In life, you must be human .

- You performed a lot in China, now you had a concert in London. And how did you see the reception that you recently received on the stage of the State Kremlin Palace during a concert dedicated to the Day of the workers of the internal affairs bodies of the Russian Federation?
- I did not perform there to admirers of my art, not to my fans. The audience was very discreet. But we must take into account the fact that representatives of the police, generals, and big people attended this concert. If they smiled at least a little, then we can say that I have achieved great success and performed excellently. You understand that they are discreet people. In Asia, I usually perform solo concerts for my fans. And you can’t compare how people behave in different countries. Every nation has its own mentality. In Kazakhstan, they can love my creativity not less than in other countries, but they would show less of their emotions. The same in Russia. We, the people living in the area of the CIS countries, we love to hide our emotions, we have a different upbringing.

- You previously told about the upcoming big concert in Moscow. And what are your plans in general?
- In a month there will be a release of my first album. We have now begun a tour called D-Dynasty, and it has already been announced that this will be a world tour. But I do not want to disclose all my plans. We, Kazakhs, believe in omens. As they say in my country, if you talk about your plans, they will not come true. Therefore, I have them, I know what I will have to focus on in the coming year, but I will not disclose it yet.

Interview by Ilya Dmitryachev

Source: tass.ru/interviews/5820508

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