December 16 was the day Dimash's solo concert took place in Changsha, China.

10.000 seat hall was full of people in great mood filling the air with anticipation. The songs were sang in Kazakh, Chinese, French, English languages. The songs were sang by Dimash accompanied by an orchestra with musicians coming from China, Canada, America, Russia, Ukraine and filled with great choreography. The concert started with "Salem" (Greetings) written by Dimash (music) and Kanat Aitbayev (lyrics), and continued with the song "Zhuldyzym" (My Star) by Ulykpan Zholdasov (music) and Askar Duisenbin (lyrics). During the concert the audience sang the Chinese versions of “Makhabbat Ber Magan” (Give Me Love) by Aigul Bazhanova and “Umytylmas Kyun" (Unforgettable Day) written by Dimash (music) and Oral Baisengir (lyrics).

Creative group from Beijing were able to demonstrate their professionalism in modern stage decorations and great directing. Kazakh folk trio in China together with Chinese folk trio contributed to the concert in the most positive way by making the friendship melodies shine. Dimash sang a song by Estai "Khorlan" playing the piano. He played dombyra performing "Alkissa" kuyi by Nurgisa (Tliendiev) and "Adai" by Kurmangazy accompanied by the international orchestra.

Dimash's new song - "Let There Be No War" - in Chinese left the audience deeply touched. Throughout the concert the sincere support and genuine reaction of the audience were so special. Overall, 31 compositions were performed during the concert in various genres: crossover, ethnic, classical, pop. The final song was a song, the music for which was written by Dimash, lyrics by Sayat Abenov, "Tatti Eles" ("Sweet Mirage"). That was the epic ending of Kazakhstan's son's great concert abroad.

We are incredibly GRATEFUL to all the fan groups!

Kanat Aitbayev
Head of "DimashAli" Production Company